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HG Wells, the world famous author of The War of The Worlds and The Invisible Man, was diagnosed with diabetes in 1930 and in 1931 he became one of RD Lawrence’s patients. Lawrence, who was at that time a very famous physician, planned to build a diabetes inpatient department at King’s College Hospital, where he worked, and wrote to all his private patients asking for donations. When Wells contributed only a very small sum, Lawrence was nonplussed! Wells offered to write a letter to The Times, appealing to readers for donations. His letter sparked a huge response that meant Lawrence soon had the money for the department he wanted.

Wells went on to write to The Times again, this time proposing the formation of an association for people with diabetes. The organization was established in months and Wells chosen as its president. That organization wet on to become Diabetes UK (you can read Wells’ original to The Times at www.diabetes.org.uk).


Capital city (1): 
Population in 1.000.000 (1): 
Urban population (1): 
Rate of urbanization per year (1): 
Life expectancy in years (1): 
GDP per capita (1): 
GDP real growth rate (2012): 
Men aged ≥20 years who are obese (2008) (2): 
Women aged ≥20 years who are obese (2008) (2): 
Diabetes comparative prevalence WHO standard (2011) (3): 
Health expenditure (1): 
Mean diabetes-related expenditure per person with diabetes (3): 
4.466,00 USD

(1): CIA factbook
(2): WHO 2008
(3): IDF Diabetes Atlas, 5th edition annual update, 2012

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