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Get involved!

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Get involved!



  • Organise WDD activities around the “Act Today to Change Tomorrow” theme to raise awareness of the importance of early detection
  • Wear blue and the blue circle pin
  • Form a human blue circle
  • Organise a healthy meal
  • Print infographics and spread them around
  • Organise a flashmob
  • Organise and/or sponsor a diabetes fair
  • Organise a ‘Learn about Healthy Eating ‘ event in schools
  • Produce a manifesto linked to the IDF Framework for Action on Sugar
  • Request local authorities to declare November 14 a ‘day of interest’
  • Organise a screening at National Parliaments or City Halls


  • Advocate at regional, national and international level to make diabetes a priority on health and development agendas
  • Call on decision-makers in your region to promote healthy environments and nutrition in order to help prevent type 2 diabetes
  • Hold a roundtable, bringing together key stakeholders from diabetes and NCD organisations, governmental agencies, academic institutions and industry to exchange knowledge and share good example in tackling diabetes epidemic
  • Ask your government to adopt legislation and policies to make healthy food more affordable and accessible
  • Lead a public health campaign to educate people about health risks associated with excess sugar intake
  • Inspire a multi-stakeholder approach to diabetes by liaising with governments, private sector, industry groups, research organisations and allied health professionals

#WDD on social media

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The official hashtag of the campaign is #WDD

Topic hashtags:

#Diabetes#DiabetesAwareness #healthyeating #healthyfood #sugar #T1D #T2D #BlueCircle Twitter handle: @WDD


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Download the four WDD15 infographics here and share them on social media


Download the visuals here and share them on social media

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The World Diabetes Day logo is the blue circle – the global symbol for diabetes. The logo is available in over 60 languages. IDF welcomes the widespread use of the WDD logo in order to raise awareness of diabetes. Download the logo here.

Blue Circle Pins

Blue Circle pins are available for use in World Diabetes Day awareness events.

Blue circle pins can be purchased from the IDF online shop.