About Us

BRIDGES is managed by an Executive Committee composed of members of the international diabetes community.


  • Linda Siminerio, USA


  • Gordon Bunyan, Australia, Vice-President, International Diabetes Federation
  • Juan Jose Gagliardino, Argentina
  • John Grumitt, United Kingdom, Vice-President, International Diabetes Federation
  • Ayesha Motala, South Africa
  • Petra Wilson, United Kingdom, CEO, International Diabetes Federation
  • One representative of Lilly Diabetes as observer with no voting rights.

Projects are selected and mentored by our Review Committee chaired by Robert Gabbay (USA), Akhtar Hussain (Norway) and Hussein Saadi (UAE).

The Review Committee is made up of 11 members with expertise in:

  • Health economics
  • Epidemiology
  • Education
  • Statistics
  • Translational research
  • Clinical research
  • Ethics

There is no representative of Lilly Diabetes in the Review Committee.