Calling the world to action on diabetes: an advocacy toolkit

The clock is ticking down to the UN High-Level Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). In less than six months, world leaders will gather in New York for a meeting that has the potential to change the world for the millions of people living with diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and chronic respiratory disease. This Summit offers an unrivalled opportunity to broker commitments at the highest level and create a sustained global movement on NCDs.

IDF is leading a global campaign to ensure the UN Summit on NCDs produces the most effective outcomes for the global diabetes community. To date our Diabetes Roadmap Programme for the UN Summit has had an impressive impact on preparations for the UN Summit by producing powerful advocacy publications, mobilising our 200 member associations in 160 countries, and keeping diabetes visible within the broader NCD platform. Now, as we get closer to the Summit, we need your help to put our compelling case to influencers and political decision makers in your country and convince them to take coordinated and concerted action.

IDF has launched an Advocacy Toolkit that aims to bridge global to local advocacy through information, guidance and key tools and resources. The Toolkit provides:

  • An overview of the UN High-Level Summit on NCDs
  • A guide to effective advocacy and campaigning for the UN Summit
  • Tips on continuing momentum after the UN Summit
  • Advocacy resources, tools and publications

Download the full IDF Advocacy Toolkit (pdf, 2MB) Español - Français 

The resources included in the toolkit are downloadable and amendable for your use. Click on the links below to download the resource of your choice:

Downloadable Media:

  1. PowerPoint Presentation Series:
  2. Videos:

If you have any questions regarding the content of the Toolkit or its use, please contact [email protected].

The production of this publication was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Foundation of European Nurses in in Diabetes (FEND), Johnson & Johnson, Lilly Diabetes, Medtronic Foundation, Novo Nordisk, Roche Diagnostics and World Diabetes Foundation.