And the wheel keeps turning

Back in 2009, I was standing in the foyer on the first floor of the conference centre in Montreal – those of you lucky enough to have attended that meeting may remember the entrance on the ground floor at the corner and the wall of coloured glass panels that made gorgeous coloured patterns on the floor when the sun shone. Those colours were vivid and so is the memory of that moment. I was standing with a Past President of IDF and the new IDF President, and the latter, in the gently persuasive tones with which he reduces the mountain ranges to a row of mere molehills, invited me to become Editor-in-Chief of IDF's DiabetesVoice. I have to confess I hesitated. The honour was great – but so too was the challenge. With some misgivings, I said ‘yes’. (Most people do to the IDF President – you only have to consider the UN!)