Jonathan Brown

Dr Jonathan Betz Brown from the USA is currently a Vice-President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) for the 2009-2012 triennium, and Chair of the IDF Task Force on Diabetes Health Economics, which is conducting studies of the economic impact of diabetes in low and middle-income countries around the world.
From 1987 to 2010, Dr. Brown was a Senior Investigator at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research. He joined the Center after seven years on the faculty of the Harvard School of Public Health, where he taught health planning and policy courses and led the Applied Research Program in the Department of Health Policy and Management. His main focus at the Center was the prevention and population-based management of chronic health conditions, particularly diabetes.

He developed the first diabetes registry in an HMO population and has published extensively on the epidemiology and economics of diabetes and its care. This work now includes the development and expansion of a computer simulation model of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, the Global Diabetes Model, which predicts medical events and costs under different treatment scenarios in persons and populations with type 2 diabetes. Dr. Brown is also known for his studies of guideline translation and implementation in depression, hypertension, and advance medical directives.

He has been actively involved for many years at both local and national levels in the development and use of quality measures in diabetes and other diseases, and in the development of population-based disease management programs and of electronic medical record-based tools to support them. Currently, he is working to merge simulation modelling, medical databases, EMRs, web-applications, and other tools to create knowledge and data environments that both clinicians and patients can use to promote healthy eating and active living, and to better manage major chronic illness.