Susana Feria Etcheverry de Campanella

Susana Feria from Uruguay is a Vice-President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), and a past Chair of the IDF South and Central American Region (SACA).

She was elected as Chairperson of SACA Region in 2003 and reelected in 2006. Previously in 2000 she was elected delegate of Uruguay as IDF Country Representative. She was also on the IDF Board of Management for the period 2000-2009.

Susana has been working in the Asociación de Diabéticos del Uruguay as a volunteer since 1970, and has been President three times. Currently she assists the organization with association development, advocacy, education, recruitment and training of volunteers. She shares her experience of living with recently diagnosed people of all ages, focussing on the behaviour of parents of recently diagnosed children.

Over the 38 years that she has been actively involved in diabetes, she has gained a deep understanding of the psychological and social issues of people with diabetes and their families.

In the social and political sphere, Susana Feria has developed plans to involve Governments in diabetes issues. She was invited by the National Parliament of Uruguay to discuss the diabetes situation in the country, with particular focus on the diabetes law and the role of diabetes associations in society. She was also a member of the Executive Committee of the MERCOSUR Diabetes Law Project.

Susana is a lawyer and a public notary. She has a Masters in the management and development of non-profit Organizations, and Marketing. She has published booklets about non-profit organizations and the role of associations, as well as articles about educational and psycho-social aspects of diabetes.

In 2008, Susana marked her 50th year of living with type 1 diabetes, free of complications, and enjoying physical, mental and emotional fullness. She shares this wonderful experience with those affected by diabetes, all over the world. She always emphasizes her gratitude (appreciation) to her parents, husband, friends and interdisciplinary health team who have made it possible for her to be very happy with her diabetes, know the world of solidarity, get enormous spiritual gratifications and love, leading a full, useful and healthy life.