World Guide to IDF Bridges

The World Guide to IDF BRIDGES 2014 provides information on the projects supported by IDF BRIDGES and a series of articles analysing the results and best practices of completed projects in 4 areas: Prevention of diabetes; Improving diabetes care and management; Protecting women’s health; Education to beat diabetes complications.


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    IDF BRIDGES Report 2011

    The IDF BRIDGES programme has published an extensive report that provides an overview of its activities since 2007, with a focus on the 29 projects that were selected during the first three rounds of BRIDGES funding and the D-START twinning prevention programme.

    Accompanying the reports, interviews with the key researchers involved in each of the translational research projects describe the workings of the studies, the many partnerships and supportive links established, and the challenges and potential solutions concerning emerging prevention and treatment strategies.

    The achieviements to date and ongoing work described in the publication are living proof of IDF's commitment to protect people with diabetes and those at risk in all regions of the world.

    BRIDGES is an International Diabetes Federation programme, supported by an educational grant from Lilly Diabetes.