The Impact of a demonstrative Educational and Preventive Foot Care Centre for Subjects with Diabetes” in the first-line ambulatory healthcare center “CAA Cotocollao” pertaining to the National Social Security in Quito, Ecuador (RN13-012)

Main institution:

Ambulatory healthcare center “CAA Cotocollao” - National Social Security in Quito, Ecuador

Other institutions:

Pontificad Universidad Catolica del Ecuador en Quito; University of Alexandria (Egypt); International Diabetes Federation

Principal investigators:

Erika Quishpe Narvàez; Karen Andrea Pesse Sorensen; Hugo Pereira Olmos; Victor Hugo Mena Maldonado;

Location of the project:

Quito, Ecuador

Amount allocated:

USD 20.000


August 4, 2014 – February 4, 2014


Sensitivity loss, severe infections, and other frequent conditions seen in the lower extremities of diabetic patients lead to amputation and cause suffering, disability and death among this population. This problem has been neglected in the care provided at public healthcare units, reflecting its omission in norms and policies. Cases are diagnosed in late stages, thus demanding hospitalization and more resources. Most of these complications can be avoided with simple actions and early detection of warning signs. This project aims to increase health personnel´s capability to perform good screening and early care for diabetic feet, and to undertake effective education to strengthen selfcare.


This project is part of our BRIDGES Research Net programme. BRIDGES is an International Diabetes Federation programme supported by an educational grant from Lilly Diabetes.