Medical Lifestyle Center-Community Healthy Eating Initiative to Improve DM Outcomes (ST10-012)

Main Institution:

Cook County Health & Hospitals System, Chicago (USA)

Principal Investigator:

Leon Fogelfeld

Location of the project:

Chicago (USA)

Amount allocated:

USD 65,000


September 1, 2011 - November 1, 2014


Healthy eating is a key component of successful diabetes self-management.  In urban, low-income neighborhoods, the obstacles to adopting healthy eating practices include access to healthy, affordable food, knowledge of what constitutes a healthy meal, and difficulties consistently preparing and choosing healthy menu items.  We propose testing the feasibility of expanding an existing diabetes education program with additional interactive healthy meal planning/cooking classes in a medical center serving a low-income, diverse, uninsured population combined with additional culinary/wellness training and improved healthy food access in community grocery stores.  Outcomes include healthy weight changes, metabolic control, and eating indicators


BRIDGES (Bringing Research in Diabetes to Global Environments and Systems) is a programme initiated by the International Diabetes Federation, and supported by an educational grant from Lilly Diabetes.