Diabetes and thyroid disorders in clinical practice today: progresses and challenges

21 June 2014
Rome, Italy

Type 2 diabetes is an increasing problem in many middle-east and developing countries, mainly due to the adoption of a western lifestyle with sedentary behaviours and unhealthy diets. Related complications and comorbidities are a growing burden for local healthcare systems and professionals, especially as a result of the lack of standardised guidelines for its care and management, and limited infrastructure and economic resources.

Thyroid disorders are also very common in many emerging nations, mostly because of iodine deficiency but also as a result of genetic factors, resulting in goiter and gland dysfunctions. Hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules and ultimately thyroid cancer are frequent challenges for the physicians in these countries and local healthcare systems, requiring tailored medical education according to international guidelines and standards of care.

EXCEMED continues to contribute in this important area by organising dedicated meetings for healthcare professionals involved in the management of diabetes and thyroid disorders, particularly in regions at high risk for such diseases. The meeting will review the most significant research achievements in the fields, and share best practice for the clinical management of such diseases in daily practice.


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