International course on "Signal Proteins related to diet and exercise"

10 June 2014 to 12 June 2014
University of Oslo, Dumus Medica, Oslo, Norway

In this course, attendants will learn about the field of signal proteins related to diet and exercise, and they will present their own data. The course also aims to increase collaboration between research groups across Europe. The course targets PhD students, Postdocs and other researchers interested in the topic.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Adipo-myokines – definitions and implications
  • Design of exercise interventions for the study of myokines and metabolic parameters
  • The study of adipo-myokines in relation to physical activity
  • The contraction-regulated myokine decorin activates muscle hypertrophic pathways
  • Angptl4 as an adipo-myokine-hepatokine
  • Memory of exercise exposure in skeletal muscle
  • Design of nutrition studies on myokines and adipokines
  • Cultured myotubes as a model for metabolism and myokines
  • The importance of and biology of intracellular lipid droplets
  • Lipid droplets in skeletal muscle

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