Call for Youth Leadership Camp venue

For the 3rd edition of its Youth Leadership Camp to be organized during the summer of 2013, IDF Europe has published a call for European Diabetes Associations to propose a camp venue.

Diabetes associations willing to support the event are welcome to fill in the Camp Venue application form and return it to Sophie Peresson at [email protected] by 30 January 2013 latest.

The first two editions of the IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp were organized in the Unitur facilities in Rogla (Slovenia). However, the federation is looking to organize the 2013 edition of the camp in another country. For more information about the type of facilities we are looking for, click here to visit the Unitur website.

About the IDF Europe Leadership Camp

Engaging youth is an essential part of IDF Europe's diabetes work. For this reason, the federation organized for the past 2 years a Youth Leadership Camp.

The aim of the camp is to nurture a new generation of diabetes advocates and create a strong pan-European network of Young Leaders in diabetes. Combining sports activities with interactive workshops on advocacy, campaigning and strategic planning, the camp is an opportunity for young leaders to share their strategies on how to cope with diabetes and learn from their day-to-day triumphs and challenges, but most of all to get inspired and be more involved in raising awareness on diabetes.

For more information, click here.