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WHO Executive Board - January 2013

Diabetes was high on the agenda of the Executive Board of the World Health Organisation, held from 21-29 January 2013. WHO Member States focused on two important consultations for diabetes and NCDs - including to endorse the set of nine global NCD targets and discuss the next Global NCD Action Plan (GAP) 2013-2020. Member States are in support of the GAP's overall structure, but are in agreement with  IDF and the NCD Alliance that more work is needed to before it is adopted at the World Health Assembly in May 2013. The NCDA Alliance gave a statement at the Executive Board (EB) focusing on our critical priorities for the GAP, which are principally the need for leadership, resources, civil society engagement and a robust reporting system. The process to finalise the GAP is now as follows:

February: online consultation with member states, civil society and the private sector that IDF will participate in;

6-12 March: in person consultation with Member States, civil society and the private sector to inform WHO's final draft of the Global NCD Action Plan;

21-28 May: Global NCD Action Plan is adopted by governments at the World Health Assembly, Geneva.

You can read the NCD Alliance's analysis of the First Draft GAP and watch this space for future updates on how to get involved.

Global Thematic Consultations on Post 2015 Development Agenda 

As the process to define the post-2015 development agenda builds momenutum, the UN is convening a series of 11 consultations on different dimensions of global development. IDF and the NCD Alliance are influencing the important consultations for diabetes and NCDs - health, inequalities, food security and nutrition and environmental sustainability. Find out more about these consultations, and add your voice, through the UN's World We Want online platform. Download IDF's responses to the thematic consultations on Indigenous Peoples and Inequality, Environmental Sustainability, Food Security and Nutrition, and Health

IDF’s submission to the Global Thematic Consultation on Health has now been published on the UN ‘World We Want’ website after review from an expert task team. Based on over a hundred submissions by leading academics, governments and NGOs, WHO have now released a synthesis report on Health in the Post-2015 Agenda. We are pleased to see strong inclusion of diabetes and NCDs as priorities for future global development, and recognition that the post-2015 agenda 'offers a unique opportunity to focus attention on NCDs alongside the MDGs and harness new resources needed to address all health challenges'. IDF submitted a response to the synthesis report in February.

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