CEO comments

CEO comment - 28 November 2012

Dear UN, it's time for an NCD partnership

It's time for the UN to take the initiative and establish the global mechanism to drive action on diabetes and NCDs.

CEO comment - 16 November 2012

Finally – Governments agree global targets for NCDs

Last summer it looked as though governments would never agree on Global NCD Targets – or if they did, they would be minimalist and not what was needed to catalyse change. IDF has been working towards a global monitoring framework for diabetes and NCDs as part of a longer term strategy that started well before the UN Summit on NCDs last year – and last week we finally got what we’ve been asking for.

CEO comment - 18 September 2012

The UN Summit – One Year after the Ball

In May 2011, I declared that diabetes was no longer the “Cinderella” of global health, but that we had bought a pair of glass slippers and were dressing for the ball. That ball, held in New York over the 19-20 September 2011, was the historic UN High-Level Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

CEO comment - 27 August 2012

PEN: A real shot at addressing the diabetes epidemic, now!

I just spent a fascinating week in China.

It started at a WHO meeting with 14 countries from the Western Pacific Region discussing the big question: Now that the UN Summit on NCDs is over, how can governments committed to addressing NCDs and diabetes do so in resource poor settings?

CEO comment - 22 June 2012

Sustainable development: why it matters for diabetes

As world leaders try to reach consensus in Rio at the most hotly anticipated development discussions in years – the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio+20 – it’s time to explain why this matters for diabetes.

CEO comment - 30 May 2012

Every diabetes death must count

CEO comment - 11 May 2012

Every mother counts, every mother’s life is precious

Mother's Day, which is observed this Sunday in the USA along with many other countries, is a day to celebrate the gift of life we have been given and the women who gave us that gift. But amongst all the cards and commercialisation, Mother’s Day for me is always tinged with sadness as I remember one specific night at a hospital in a low income country when three young mothers were brought in dead on arrival.

CEO comment - 3 May 2012

"Show me the money"

“The UN Summit changed the way we considered NCDs as a poverty and development issue”. 

CEO comment - 16 April 2012

"What gets measured gets done"- so where are the NCD targets!

As the second WHO consultation on NCD targets draws to a close, I am increasingly impatient for a result that will drive change for diabetes and the other NCDs.   While we have recently seen huge breakthroughs for NCDs in the wider UN system, the target process remains dangerously off the mark.

CEO comment - 10 April 2012

Green shoots of the 'NCD Spring' appear at the United Nations

The UN often comes under fire for not having achieved the twin goals of every Miss World contestant - world peace and the eradication of poverty. I say we just haven't achieved them yet. But let's never lose sight of the big goals and let’s never lose sight of the UN System's unique role in setting global standards and visioning major global threats and opportunities coming over the horizon.