IDF Congresses

World Diabetes Congress attendance

Please note that the 18th World Diabetes Congress in 2003 in Paris was combined with the EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) congress.

Summary of IDF Congresses

From the first meeting in Leiden in 1952 to Montreal in 2009 the IDF World Diabetes Congress was held every three years. Since 2011, the World Diabetes Congress has become a biennial event to meet the demand of what has become one of the most challenging health problems in the 21st century.

  Congress Date Location Region Chair of OC Triennium IDF Presidents
1st 7-12 Jul 1952 Leiden, The Netherlands EUR Robin D. Lawrence 1950-1952 Robin D. Lawrence, UK
2nd 4-8 Jul 1955 Cambridge, UK EUR Robin D. Lawrence 1952-1955 Robin D. Lawrence, UK
3rd 21-25 Jul 1958 Düsseldorf, Germany EUR Karl Oberdisse 1955-1958 Robin D. Lawrence, UK
4th 10-14 Jul 1961 Geneva, Switzerland EUR Eric Martin 1958-1961 Joseph P. Hoet, Belgium
5th 20-24 Jul 1964 Toronto, Canada NA Charles H. Best 1961-1964 Howard F. Root, USA
6th 30 Jul-4 Aug 1967 Stockholm, Sweden EUR Rolf Luft 1964-1967 Howard F. Root, USA
7th 23-28 Aug 1970 Buenos Aires, Argentina SACA Virgilio G. Foglia 1967-1970 Rachmiel Levine, USA
8th 15-20 Jul 1973 Brussels, Belgium EUR Paul A. Bastenie 1970-1973 Frank G. Young, UK
9th 31 Oct-5 Nov 1976 New Delhi, India SEA Jasbir S. Bajaj 1973-1976 Rolf Luft, Sweden
10th 9-14 Oct 1979 Vienna, Austria EUR Werner Waldhäusl 1976-1979 Rolf Luft, Sweden
11th 10-17 Nov 1982 Nairobi, Kenya AFR Eric Mngola 1979-1982 Albert.E.Renold, Switzerland
12th 23-28 Sept 1985 Madrid, Spain EUR Manuel Serrano Rios 1982-1985 Leo P. Krall, USA
13th 20-25 Nov 1988 Sydney, Australia WP John R. Turtle 1985-1988 Jasbir S. Bajaj, India
14th 23-28 Jun 1991 Washington DC, USA NA Harold Rifkin 1988-1991 Joseph P. Hoet, Belgium
15th 6-11 Nov 1994 Kobe, Japan WP Shigeaki Baba 1991-1994 Wendell Mayes, Jr, USA
16th 20-25 Jul 1997 Helsinki, Finland EUR Marja R. Taskinen 1994-1997 Jak Jervell, Norway
17th 5-10 Nov 2000 Mexico City, Mexico NA Fernando Lavalle 1997-2000 Maria L. de Alva, Mexico
18th 24-29 Aug 2003 Paris, France EUR Gérard Cathelineau 2000-2003 Sir George Alberti, UK
19th 3-7 Dec 2006 Cape Town, South Africa AFR Sir George Alberti 2003-2006 Pierre Lefèbvre, Belgium
20th 18-22 Oct 2009 Montréal, Canada NA Linda Siminerio 2006-2009 Martin Silink, Australia
21st 4-8 Dec 2011 Dubai, United Arab Emirates MENA Abdullah Bennakhi 2009-2012

Jean Claude Mbanya, Cameroon

22nd 2-6 Dec 2013 Melbourne, Australia WP Anne-Marie Felton 2013-2015 Sir Michael Hirst, UK
23rd 30 Nov-4 Dec Vancouver,
NAC Anne-Marie
2013-2015 Sir Michael Hirst