D-NET is 2 years old!

The Diabetes Education Network for Health Professionals (D-NET) is celebrating two years since its launch back at the 2010 EASD meeting in Stockholm. Developed as a response to requests from health professionals, the 1,700 member-strong virtual network demonstrates IDF’s commitment to health professional education and collaboration. It has become a successful virtual community of practice.

D-NET provides a dynamic online forum for diabetes health professionals to meet new colleagues from around the world. In this space, professionals can discuss diabetes management, education and research. It creates the perfect platform to also brainstorm on innovative solutions and share challenges.

Highlights of the past two years include:
•    34 discussion events, led by well-known experts such as Michael Vallis, Seyda Ozcan and Natalia Piana
•    Creation of additional D-NET features including a resource library and an events calendar
•    The first-ever Diabetes Education Workshop on December 4, 2011 at the World Diabetes Congress (Dubai), which brought together over 130 health professionals.

D-NET will continue to provide the opportunity for health professionals to advance diabetes education on a global scale and build an international community of health professionals.

Learn more about D-NET.