D-NET: IDF Diabetes Education Network for Health Professionals

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"I am very glad to be member of D-NET and look at it as a resource tool to understand current issues in diabetes education, challenges and difficulties." (UAE)

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is pleased to present the Diabetes Education Network for Health Professionals (D-NET).

D-NET is the first international forum aimed at enhancing diabetes education and management around the globe. It is a place for health professionals to connect, find support, share best practices, and discover learning opportunities. D-NET is also designed to enable members to access emerging evidence and diabetes resources.

D-NET has been active since September 2010 and is still growing.  As a member of D-NET you are part of a dynamic community of diabetes health professionals interested in improving their practice and learning from other professionals from around the globe.The network will provide a forum for health professionals to communicate and grow professionally.

What can you find on D-NET?

  • Groups: English and Spanish groups are available. Choose your group and join the discussions!
  • Ask an expert: Discussion topics events provided by international experts.
  • Events calendars: Stay up-to-date with upcoming diabetes-related events.
  • Resource Library: See what’s new and what network members think about diabetes education.
  • Videos: See what colleagues are doing around the world.e.g. IDF Centres of Education (Bolivia, Colombia, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Portugal)
  • Members: See who joined D-NET.
  • Did you know?: Current diabetes facts and figures
  • IDF Publications: Quick access to IDF publications

Watch this space for more features...

D-NET connecting the world…

D-NET is regarded as a useful tool by health professionals all around the world to reach all IDF regions. 



Note:  4,389 visits came from 21 countries/regions (May 2011)

"Thank you for allowing me to participate in this educative network, of a privilege organization such as IDF, I am proud of it and I am sure I will improve my knowledge in diabetes education and exchange experiences from people all around the world…" (Mexico) 

Access D-NET now!     

Access D-NET by cliking on the following link: http://d-net.idf.org/


For more information contact d-net@idf.org

Transmit the message to all your colleagues

We have a D-NET flyer available for you. You can download the flyer as a PDF file by going to the following link: