26 May 2012 to 27 May 2012
Intercontinental Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam

Diabetes and its complications are highly preventable and treatable. Yet there are multiple challenges in translating evidence to practice which involve capacity building, behavioral changes and strengthening of our health care systems. Faced with multiple tasks and demands, we often feel burnt out as busy physicians. Yet, as clinicians, we are also in a unique position to take a lead to change our practice environment and advocate for policy change in order to bring out the best of our expertise and technology to benefit our patients.

In this annual forum, we have invited thought leaders in the field of epidemiology, behavioral science, public health, clinical and basic science to share their insights and aspirations in the prevention and control of diabetes and chronic diseases. Asian experts who are using a web-based disease management program to establish a diabetes registry, implement team-based care and identify unmet needs will also join us to share their experiences.

Through these deliberations and interactions, we hope to form a network of care professionals and experts who share a common vision to improve chronic care through innovation, collaboration and cooperative learning.

Forum website: http://www.adf.org.hk/dppforum2012/index.html