Diabetes Priorities

IDF’s advocacy is driven by the ambition to improve the lives of people with diabetes and those at risk.  Whether working at the global or local level, our advocacy is underpinned by following three major issues as outlined in our Global Diabetes Plan (2011-2021).

Improve health outcomes for people with diabetes

IDF estimates that over 100 million people with diabetes lack access to the treatment and care they need. Universal access to essential medicines and technologies is a critical priority of IDF and we are advocating for it at the highest level. In addition, IDF will develop a ‘model of care’ to outline the essential treatment and care governments should prioritize people with diabetes, and IDF is working to make self-management education available to all people with diabetes

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Preventing future cases of diabetes is vital if countries are to avoid or reduce the costs and impact of the growing burden of diabetes. IDF is working to see health included in all policies, make healthy nutrition available for all, and promote physical activity.

Stop discrimination against people with diabetes

At the core of IDF’s advocacy work is the pursuit of social justice and health equity for people with diabetes and those at risk. Diabetes is strongly linked to social and economic disadvantage, and people with diabetes face health inequity, discrimination and stigma.