Diabetes Roadmap to the UN Summit on NCDs

IDF led the way to the UN Summit with our dedicated programme of advocacy and technical work – the Diabetes Roadmap Programme. The Roadmap outlined our key objectives, deliverables and strategy for the UN Summit, and focused our role at two levels – both as a leader of the NCD Alliance and the global diabetes community.

The Roadmap inspired a series of political breakthroughs including:  

  • Leading a civil society movement and strategic allies as a Steering Group member of the NCD Alliance
  • Catalysing dialogue and priority setting
  • Strengthening the evidence base and reframing the debate on diabetes with an impressive series of publications
  • Mobilising advocacy and action from local to global levels with scaled up communication and media coverage

Download the Diabetes Roadmap in English - (PDF 1.6 MB) Español (379 KB) - Français (365 KB)

Download our Activity Report on the Diabetes Roadmap programme here.