Diabetes Voice Readership Survey 2012

In order to keep pace with our readership's needs and interests, a readership survey was carried out in 2012. We are extremely grateful to all those who replied - your answers and comments will help shape the future of Diabetes Voice.


Most respondents live in Europe, South and Central America or North America and are healthcare professionals.

Overall, the feedback was positive and indicates that:

  • People tend to read Diabetes Voice to be informed of the latest advances and initiatives in diabetes.
  • The quality of the magazine is rated as excellent or good by majority of respondents.
  • Each copy of Diabetes Voice is read by two to five people.
  • Although the online version is well rated, the vast majority of readers would like to continue receiving the magazine in hard copy.

Readers were asked to suggest ways to improve Diabetes Voice to suit their interests and needs. A lot of useful and interesting comments and suggestions were received and will be taken into account by the Diabetes Voice Editorial Team in the future.

The Diabetes Voice Editorial Team would like to thank all those who took the time to complete the survey and share their views. Your feedback was very useful and greatly appreciated.


Survey results

  1. About you
  2. Reading
  3. Quality
  4. Format

1 About you

Which is your region of residence?



Africa (AFR)

Europe (EUR)

Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

North America and Caribbean (NAC)

South and Central America (SACA)

South-East Asia (SEA)

Western Pacific (WP)


What area(s) do you work in?


If you work in the healthcare sector, what is your profession?


Do you have diabetes?


2 Reading

How did you find out about Diabetes Voice?


Why do you read Diabetes Voice?


Including yourself, how many people read your copy of Diabetes Voice?


3 Quality

How would you rate the overall quality of Diabetes Voice?


 4 Format

How would you like to receive Diabetes Voice?