A gender perspective of diabetes and cardiovascular disease - the need for deeper understanding

Rates of diabetes continue to increase rapidly around the world. The current prevalence of about 5.1% is set to rise to 6.3% by 2025 – 333 million people with the condition. Further huge numbers of people are unaware that they have undiscovered diabetes and pre-diabetes conditions. The number of people with impaired glucose tolerance will increase from 314 million to 472 million over the next 15 years or so. These people are at dangerously high risk both for future diabetes complications and early death through cardiovascular disease. Globally, the number of women with metabolic disorders outweighs the number of affected men: compared with the male population, the numbers of women with diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance are about 10% and 20% higher respectively. Anna Norhammar reflects on the gender imbalance in the rates and risks of diabetes and related conditions, and calls for further research to address the cardiovascular- and diabetes-related issues affecting women.
cardiovascular disease, gender