Addressing barriers to care in elderly African-American women in rural areas

Diabetes is a major health concern; 246 million people are diagnosed and living with the disease worldwide. The growing global prevalence of type 2 diabetes is correlated with the ongoing rise in obesity. In the USA, where diabetes is the fifth-leading cause of death, the number of people with the condition has tripled in the last 30 years. The number of people with the condition is set to increase in coming years as populations age. For generations, women from minority groups in the USA, including African Americans, have been vulnerable and underserved in terms of social support and healthcare provision; those in rural areas continue to suffer the consequences – including those that are health-related – of an oppressive environment. Victoria Umphrey calls for urgent consideration of their needs and further research into the socio-cultural factors which limit their access to effective healthcare and preventive health education.
African-American women, rural areas, education, empowerment