Art beyond therapy: when patients and healthcare providers share the limelight

Healthcare implies sound knowledge in the field of biomedicine, underpinned by evidence-based medicine. There is another fundamental dimension: the healthcare provider-patient relationship. Balint studied the gap between the professional identity of doctors and the reality of patients – an ocean of unspoken messages separates their worlds. The further dimension is that of therapeutic education, the objective of which is to help people to become more autonomous. In these three aspects of healthcare, the relationship between patients and doctors is never even. Healthcare providers, whatever they do, remain the ‘experts’ leaving people in their care isolated. This situation has forced us to look into other sectors where healthcare providers and patients could become equal partners. Here we enter a new dimension, that of the artistic expression. In this field – writing, theatre, music, dancing and painting – healthcare providers and patients are largely equal.
art, theatre, role play