Computer-simulated modelling in the management of diabetes

Diabetes has many complications which can take decades to develop. Scores of therapies are now available for the prevention of Type 2 diabetes, and the complications of diabete. People with diabetes vary widely in their risks and histories of diabetes-related complications. How, then, can we choose from the many treatment options which are currently on offer to people with the condition? Computer simulation is gaining recognition as the preferred, and perhaps the only valid method for the harmonizing and personalizing of the growing mass of evidence on the long-term effects of diabetes and its treatments. Jonathan Brown looks at the ways in which simulations answer what-if questions about treatment effects by harnessing the power of digital computers to combine the data from many studies. He predicts the use of models to provide personalized advice to health professionals and people with diabetes.
modelling, models, computer simulation, simulation, economics, cost-effectiveness, costs, Mount Hood,