DEHKO: Finland moves on primary prevention

In January 2000, the Development Programme for the Prevention and Care of Diabetes 2000-2010 (DEHKO) was officially approved as Finland's national diabetes programme. The first audit of the programme in 2003 has reported that the implementation process is well underway in both primary and specialized healthcare. The atmosphere among healthcare providers is positive and enthusiastic, and the word DEHKO is now firmly established in the lexicon of diabetes care in Finland. The programme is co-ordinated by the Finnish Diabetes Association (FDA) and financed by the Association itself, the Finnish Slot Machine Association (a governmental body), and corporate partners. The next step will be the systematic primary prevention of Type 2 diabetes – now a very serious concern in Finland.
Development Programme for the Prevention and Care of Diabetes, DEHKO, Finland, Helsinki Study, Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study, DPS, US Diabetes Prevention Program Study (DPPS)