Delivering hope, promise and support to Canadians living with diabetes

A staggering number of Canadians, 8.4 million, are currently living with diabetes or are at increased risk  of developing the condition during their lifetime. With 2.4 million affected by diabetes and 6 million in a state of ‘pre-diabetes’ – many of whom are unaware that they have impaired glucose tolerance – diabetes is an invisible, potentially deadly pandemic that affects a quarter of the Canadian population. It is estimated that by 2010, more than 3 million people in Canada will be living with diabetes, and large numbers will have developed disabling and potentially life-threatening complications. According to the results of the 2005 Diabetes In Canada Evaluation Study – the largest of its kind in Canada – 50% of those living with type 2 diabetes have poorly controlled blood glucose levels. Ellen Malcolmson reports on the status of diabetes in Canada and the work of the Canadian Diabetes Association.
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