Diabetes management in a primary care setting: the Kenyatta National Hospital

Diabetes is increasingly common worldwide, and Kenya is no exception. The Ministry of Health estimates the prevalence of diabetes to be around 10% (3.5 million people). The cause of much human suffering, diabetes also places a considerable economic burden on individuals and families, and healthcare systems. The number of people with obesity-related type 2 diabetes appears to be rising sharply as the sedentary behaviours and high-fat, high-sugar foods that are typical of expanding urban poverty replace the constant physical activity and vegetable-based diet that characterize the rural lifestyle. Diabetes self-management skills are therefore increasingly important. Atieno Jalang’o reports from Kenya on a successful primary care initiative that functions within a tertiary healthcare centre to provide diabetes education – with a focus on self-management – as well as clinical follow-up and support.
Africa, Kenya, care and management, mini-clinic