Diabetes self-management education and support: the key to diabetes care

Diabetes education can be delivered using a variety of methods and in a range of settings: a lecture on, say, carbohydrates and glucose monitoring; an individual face-to-face meeting with an educator or a dietitian; a group session where an educator and people with diabetes can all act as educational resources. It can take place  in a classroom, an office or under a tree, supported by professionally produced photographs and posters or hand-drawn signs. But regardless of the way diabetes education is delivered, the goal remains the same: to help people with diabetes and their supporters to gain the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to manage diabetes effectively. This process must take into account the needs, goals, culture and life-experiences of the participants and should be guided by evidence about diabetes education, behaviour and guidelines for care.
Diabetes self-management education, DSME, Diabetes self-management support, DSMS