Double transplant: a diabetologist's return from diabetes

When she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 12 years, Silvia Iancu began a long and at times frightening voyage through care. At the time, she lived with her family under the constraints of the difficult regime in Romania; her parents' reaction to the diagnosis was one of fear and desperation. Given the hardships of life under the dictatorship, her parents did not know whether they would be able to provide the insulin and other diabetes supplies that Silvia would need to survive the condition. However, neither Silvia, nor her parents were aware that, later in life, the latest advances in transplant medicine would offer Silvia a return ticket from diabetes. In this article, diabetologist Silvia Iancu describes her 25-year return diabetes journey, and reports on the positive results of her successful double transplant operation.
Romania, transplant, kidney, pancreas