From research to response in Italy - working alongside the Ministry of Health

People with diabetes require a range of interventions to manage their condition – medical treatment in isolation is not enough. In order to achieve optimum blood glucose control, the psychological, social and emotional aspects of living with diabetes also require at-tention. Diabetes and its related human, social and economic effects are important issues for the Ministry of Health in Italy. The Ministry’s commission on diabetes is engaged in developing plans to improve primary and secondary prevention and care of the condition. Recently, it has undertaken a programme of support for initiatives which aim to guarantee a coherent and effective response to the needs of young people with diabetes and their families. Renata Lorini describes the close collaboration in Italy between DAWN Youth and the Ministry of Health, two key stakeholder groups in diabetes care in the country who are committed to improving support for young people with diabetes and their families.
DAWN Youth, Italy, Ministry of Health, ALBA, WebTalk survey