Guideline for the management of post-meal blood glucose

Diabetes is a leading cause of death in most developed countries, and has become a serious epidemic in many developing and newly industrialized nations. Currently, an estimated 246 million people worldwide have diabetes. Poorly controlled diabetes is associated with disabling and potentially life-threatening complications such as eye disease, kidney disease, nerve damage and cardiovascular disease. Until recently, lowering fasting and pre-meal glucose levels was a key focus of diabetes management. However, recent studies have shown a strong relationship between elevated post-meal blood glucose and the risk for diabetes complications. As part of its mission to promote diabetes care, prevention and a cure worldwide, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) recently formed a committee to develop a guideline that would address the issue of elevated post-meal blood glucose. Antonio Ceriello and Stephen Colagiuri highlight the guideline recommendations.
guideline, post-meal blood glucose