Improvements in care for people with diabetes in Mozambique

An article in this magazine in March 2004 described the Rapid Assessment Protocol for Insulin Access in Mozambique, and some of the results from its implementation. Since it was carried out in 2003, much has changed in Mozambique with regards to access to insulin and diabetes care. The Protocol provided vital information on the areas that the healthcare system needed to focus upon in order to improve care. The Mozambique Ministry of Health also employed the World Health Organization’s STEPwise Approach to Surveillance – a standardized way for a country to collect data on, and establish surveillance systems for, the risk factors for chronic diseases. These investigations brought to light much vital information on the prevalence of risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Carla Silva-Matos and David Beran provide an update on improvements in diabetes care in Mozambique.
Mozambique, RAPIA, International Insulin Foundation, AMODIA