Improving access to education and care in Cambodia

Four years ago, when Cambodia’s first diabetes surveys were analysed, they surprised everyone: there were twice as many people with diabetes than had been expected – more than 250,000 people. However, the major donors supporting the country’s healthcare sector continue to distribute financial support in unequal shares. The 60,000 people in Cambodia with HIV/AIDS receive 60% of healthcare loans and donations; despite WHO estimates that seven out of 10 deaths in the Western Pacific region are due to non-communicable diseases, including diabetes, these receive just 1% of donor contributions in Cambodia. Chronic non-communicable diseases already represent half of the country’s burden of death and disease. Yet by investing  wisely, the prevention and management of non-communicable diseases, including diabetes, can be made affordable and effective. Translating this message into timely
and appropriate action remains a major task.
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