Managing chronic disease as a team - new models of care delivery

As the world’s population ages, the impact of chronic diseases will drive health systems around the world in two ways – adding significantly to the cost, and imposing considerable constraints on the already strained healthcare workforce. It is estimated that the health budgets of most developed nations will consume 20% of their gross domestic product by the 2020s. The most recent World Health Organization Health Workforce Report suggests shortfalls of some 4.3 million healthcare workers over the next decade – including nurses, doctors and health administrators. In this article, Peter Brooks argues in favour of a radical change in the way healthcare services are delivered, accompanied by a shift in the focus of healthcare resourcing from acute care to disease prevention and health promotion – currently less than 10% of healthcare spending in most countries.
models of care, chronic disease, non-communicable diseases, multidisciplinary team, generic healthcare providers