Mountains, inspiration and conquering diabetes

"Some things are quite beyond the reach of the imagination. When Jerry Gore describes life clinging to a 1500 m cliff in sub-zero temperatures in one of the remotest corners of the earth, the mind struggles to conjure up the image." So began the motivational presentations to business of the mountaineer, Jerry Gore. However, despite many years' experience overcoming extreme and challenging conditions in the mountains, when Jerry, aged 40 years, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, he felt as if one of his life-lines had been severed. As he sat, waiting for his first diabetes consultation, Jerry pondered the most important question of his life so far: would the condition prevent him from continuing with his life as a manager of a demanding family, business consultant, and world-class mountaineer? In this article, Jerry Gore describes his inspiring approach to life with diabetes.
Mountains for Active Diabetics, MAD, AlpBase, climbing