Oral health in people with diabetes: why should we care?

Diabetes can lead to important changes in the mouth. Oral infections in turn may adversely affect metabolic control and impact on the quality of life of people with diabetes. Over the years, however, caring for the mouth has been overlooked by physicians who have been focusing on other diabetes complications. Of particular concern to dentists and dental hygienists is the impact of diabetes on diseases affecting gum tissues and teeth – the most common cause of tooth loss in people with diabetes. Missing teeth and all problems related to wearing dentures often lead to harmful effects in people with diabetes, including nutritional deficiencies, psychosocial problems, and, ultimately, deterioration in their health status and quality of life. The authors look at the two-way relationship between diabetes and oral health, and call for increased interaction between dental and medical healthcare providers in the management of diabetes.
oral health, dental carries, gingivitis, periodontitis, FDI World Dental Federation