Providing care for all people with diabetes in the Netherlands

The health system in the Netherlands is set for an overhaul. In January 2006, new health legislation, which includes important reforms in the provision of diabetes care, comes into effect. Having played an important advisory role in the design of this new legislation, the Dutch Diabetes Association (DVN) predicts signifi cant improvements in diabetes care as a result of the reforms. However, not all the stakeholders in diabetes care are happy with the changes, which were the central issue in several national and regional strikes by primary care doctors. As a result of the reforms, the position of the health insurance companies in the Netherlands will be reinforced. But it remains to be seen whether these companies will embrace the potential for improvements in diabetes care or merely take advantage of the situation to seek to increase their profi ts – at the expense of long-term investment in health. John van Duin reports.
insurance, Holland, Dutch Diabetes Association, DVN, health insurance, insulin