The Alphabet Strategy: an evidence-based approach to diabetes care

Meeting the needs of people with diabetes is complicated and demanding for both people with the condition and their healthcare providers. Moreover, diabetes is expensive, and costs are rising worldwide. Diabetes healthcare providers in all regions are striving to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of care. In this article, John Morrissey and Vinod Patel report on a novel approach to diabetes care in the UK. Based on the best clinical research, professional judgment and values of people with diabetes, the ‘Alphabet Strategy’ was designed with the aim of satisfying needs of people with diabetes and the wider community as its central premise. In the UK, this multidisciplinary, team-based model of care has achieved real health improvements based on clear and measurable goals, and, the authors argue, the Alphabet Strategy can be translated effectively to other socio-cultural and economic settings.
Global Alphabet Strategy Implementation Audit, education, guidelines, i-Dream, mnemonic tools