The IDF framework for diabetes education - current status and future prospects

The type 2 diabetes epidemic is having a growing impact on individuals, communities, healthcare systems and national economies. There are an estimated 246 million people worldwide diagnosed with some form of diabetes; it is estimated that, by 2025, this number will grow to 380 million. In developing regions, the growth rate of diabetes is 70%, which is greater than that in other parts of the world. Policy-makers, healthcare professionals and healthcare providers already struggle to meet the needs of so many affected people; it is estimated that only 5% of those with the condition receive optimal care, while 6% of total world mortality is attributable to diabetes. Research findings provide direction on approaches to improving outcomes, but recommendations can be put into action only if people with diabetes, physicians and other healthcare providers receive education and support to integrate new knowledge and best practices into their approach to diabetes management. This article outlines the educational strategy of the International Diabetes Federation and highlights some of its achievements, current activities and wider objectives.
education, IDF framework, centres of education, Standards, Curriculum, modules