The Jaipur Foot: an effective low-cost prosthesis for people with diabetes

In people with diabetes, optimal management of their condition, regular examinations, the use of adequate footwear, and education are the best strategies to prevent diabetes-related foot problems, such as ulceration. If foot problems cannot be prevented, these should be treated as early as possible. However, in many cases, some degree of amputation of lower limbs cannot be avoided. In people who undergo a major amputation, artificial limbs are required to enable them to continue normal daily life. While such prostheses are available, these are costly and beyond the reach of most people living in developing countries. The authors report on ‘the Jaipur Foot’, a low-cost, culturally appropriate response to the needs of such people, tracing its origin in India and looking forward to the broadening of its use.
foot, amputation, prosthesis, India, Jaipur Foot