Unite for Diabetes: the campaign for a UN Resolution

In 2003, a 16-year-old girl with diabetes had an idea which looks set to change the face of diabetes. Not long after his election as President-Elect of the International Diabetes Federation, Martin Silink was approached by Clare Rosenfeld, who spoke of her dream of a United Nations Resolution on diabetes. Inspired by Clare’s dream, Martin Silink spent the subsequent two years gauging the opinion of the diabetes stakeholders and garnering worldwide support for a UN Resolution. He approached senior figures from the diabetes world in more than 30 countries. The support was overwhelming and the feeling widespread – now is the time for the Resolution. The outcome of a key stakeholder’s meeting in December 2005 was a decision that the concept was realistic and the campaign achievable. The author offers this update on the IDF campaign to bring diabetes out of the shadows and for the global community to recognize the enormity of the diabetes pandemic.
UN Resolution on diabetes, Unite for Diabetes, United Nations, global campaign, blue circle