A look ‘upstream’ to Melbourne

In the next few issues, Diabetes Voice will be providing advance information, to whet your appetite, about the programme for the World Diabetes Congress 2013, which will take place in Melbourne, Australia, between 2 and 6 December this year. Over the coming months, the Congress Stream leaders, who are listed below, will provide a sneak preview of the contents of their programmes.

The Scientific Programme for the Congress consists of seven Streams, which include the ‘traditional’ ones:
•    Basic and Clinical Science (Professor Mark Cooper)
•    Education and Integrated Care (Professor Angus Forbes)
•    Global Challenges in Health (Professor Linong Ji)
•    Living with Diabetes (Professor João Manuel Valente Nabais)
•    Public Health and Epidemiology (Professor Jonathan Shaw).

What about the other two Streams? These are new Streams, which we have introduced for the first time for Melbourne. They are:
•    Diabetes in Indigenous Populations (Professor Alex Brown)
•    Diabetes Research in the 20th Century: A Historical Perspective (Professor Pierre Lefèbvre).