Healthy Cities report

In our first Healthy Cities report, Diabetes Voice highlights municipal and national governing policies that are trailblazing new directions for human health.  

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has dominated his mayoral terms with strong government leadership providing unconventional initiatives for New York City’s public health problem. His controversial policies have gained worldwide acknowledgement and support from a distinguished list of international leaders and influential scholars. We briefly review his extraordinary final term and present supporting words from another New York City resident, Marion Nestle, Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University. Winds of change and fresh air are also moving across other regions in North America. In an interview with members of Mexico’s Health Secretariat, we learn about the city’s anti-smoking policies, and new educational campaigns for the prevention of obesity and diabetes. Once the world’s most polluted urban centre, Mexico City now seems intent on transforming its public health environment to the highest possible standard. In our final segment, Pilar Garcia Crespo sheds some light on why Spain has been ranked as one of the healthiest countries in the world. Surprisingly or not, people residing in the birthplace of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet also require government interventions targeting nutrition, physical activity and obesity.

These thought leaders, health ministries and governments have all prioritised the escalating public health burden related to Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs). Although unique, all of these individual or regional voices believe in the power of policy to encourage and provide greater opportunities for the future of human health.

NCDs, diabetes, nutrition, Healthy Cities, Bloomberg, ALAS