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The Editorial Team welcomes proposals for articles covering the following areas:

  • The Global Campaign: actions taken at the global level to address the diabetes epidemic
  • Health Delivery: health policy, diabetes programmes, diabetes health economics, education, care and management
  • Clinical Care: clinical care, future developments and ideas, including research
  • Diabetes in Society: living with diabetes, discrimination, employment

Target Audience

Diabetes Voice is addressed to professionals and non-professionals who have an interest in the promotion of health as it relates to their community and the world.

These include:

  • healthcare providers, including general practitioners, educators, nurses, dieticians, podiatrists, ophthalmologists, pharmacists
  • diabetes associations and organizations
  • healthcare decision makers
  • officers and members of IDF


Diabetes is a serious and costly disease which is reaching pandemic proportions. However, with prevention and good management, its human, economic and social impact can be reduced dramatically.


Articles should be written in clear, accessible and non-scientific language, and submitted in English.


The articles should be around 800 words and should ideally include illustrations.

How to submit an article

To submit an article, send your proposal by e-mail to Diabetes Voice at [email protected] stating the following:

  • the proposed title of the article
  • a short biography and contact details of the author(s)
  • a 50-100 words summary
  • the date by which the article will be available

The Editorial Team will then review your proposal. You will be contacted only if and when your article proposal has been accepted. Thank you.