Diabetes Conversations

Promoting Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) is a priority within education at the International Diabetes Federation. Diabetes Conversations is a programme dedicated to:

  • increasing access to skill development for health professionals to provide group education, and
  • increasing access to tools to implement DSME in various settings such as local clinics, hospitals and national member associations.

Diabetes Conversations is a global programme created by Healthy Interactions, in collaboration with the International Diabetes Federation, and sponsored by Lilly Diabetes. It does not include the United States of America and Puerto Rico.

The training for health care professionals is provided through a train the trainer approach. Expert Trainers are trained by the Global team. They return to their country and train health care professionals to use the Conversation Map™ Education tools.

Conversation Map™ Education tools are an innovative education method that use interactive group participation to empower people with diabetes to become actively involved in managing the disease.

As of March 2013, Conversation Map™ Education tools have been developed for use in 121 countries, are available in 38 languages and approximately 200 expert trainers are engaged to train and support facilitators around the globe.

The Conversation Starter™ Education tools are designed to provide valuable one-on-one engagement. The tools are designed to combine powerful visual learning techniques with active dialogue between a person with diabetes and his/her educator.


To meet the Diabetes Conversation Map™ expert trainers in sub-Saharan Africa please click here

For more information on Diabetes Conversations contact education@idf.org