Empowered regions key to slowing and reversing epidemic

Slowing and reversing the type 2 diabetes epidemic, through prevention, research and advocacy, is outlined as a key organisational goal within IDF’s Strategic Plan for the triennium, 2013-2015.

“This is a huge ambition, but one which is vital if life is to be made better for people with diabetes and those at risk” said Sir Michael Hirst, President IDF.

IDF estimates that type 2 diabetes accounts for up to 90% of all diabetes cases.

Other key goals in the Plan include improving health outcomes for all people with diabetes, which includes improving access to essential medicines such as insulin, and fighting discrimination.

Through strengthening and empowering Member Associations, IDF hopes that a global people’s movement will be created for diabetes, raising awareness of this silent disease and realising the goals of the Strategic Plan.

Speaking about the role of the regions, Sir Michael said “The Board of IDF and I are passionate about strengthening our regions and providing member associations with the tools to do more for people with diabetes”.

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