Readership survey 2007

In order to keep pace with our readership's needs and interests, a readership survey was carried out in the last quarter of 2007. We are extremely grateful to all those who replied - your answers and comments will help shape the future of Diabetes Voice.

The response was strong - more than a thousand readers took part - and also reflected the regional spread of our readership.


Most respondents live in Europe, North America or South and Central America, are healthcare professionals, and have people with diabetes in their care - either professionally or not.

Overall, the feedback was positive and indicates that:

  • content is perceived as relevant and useful to our readership
  • people tend to read Diabetes Voice to get a global view of diabetes issues
  • the quality, both in terms of readability and layout, is rated highly
  • each copy of Diabetes Voice is read by four or five people
  • most readers have subscribed to the magazine in the last one to five years
  • the online version of Diabetes Voice is rated positively but a vast majority of readers prefers to continue receiving the hard copy.

Readers were asked to suggest ways to improve Diabetes Voice to suit their interests and needs. A lot of useful and interesting comments and suggestions were received and will be taken into account by the Diabetes Voice Editorial Team in the future.

The Diabetes Voice Editorial Team would like to thank all those who took the time to complete the survey and share their views. Your feedback was very useful and greatly appreciated.


Survey results

  1. About you
  2. Reading
  3. Quality
  4. Interest
  5. Online version

1 About you

Which is your country of residence?


What area(s) do you work in?


If you work in the healthcare sector, what is your profession?


Do you have diabetes?


Do you have people with diabetes in your care - professionally or otherwise?


Are you in any way involved with the International Diabetes Federation?


2 Reading

How did you find out about Diabetes Voice?


How long have you been receiving Diabetes Voice?


How regularly do you receive Diabetes Voice?


How much of Diabetes Voice do you read?


Including yourself, how many people read your copy of Diabetes Voice?


Why do you read Diabetes Voice?


3 Quality

How would you rate the overall quality of Diabetes Voice?


How would you rate the magazine's readability?


How would you rate the magazine's layout?


4 Interest

Overall, how relevant and useful is Diabetes Voice for you?


Which topics would you like to see covered in the future?

The most frequently mentioned topics were:

  • foot care
  • gestational diabetes
  • prevention - lifestyle and nutrition
  • education
  • latest treatments and research
  • experience of people living with diabetes.

Please indicate the level of interest you have in the following Diabetes Voice sections?


5 Online version

How would you rate the online version of Diabetes Voice?


Would you be happy if Diabetes Voice was ONLY available online?


The most common reasons cited to keep receiving a hard copy included:

  • No access or difficult access to internet
  • Easier to share with other people
  • Like to keep in archive as a reference document
  • Preference in reading a printed document than from a screen.

Almost 20% expressed interest only in the online version. An exclusive online subscription will be possible soon, with subscribers receiving an e-mail alert when a new issue is put online.