EU steps closer to tackling diabetes crisis

The European Parliament yesterday (March 14) signed a decisive agreement to develop an EU-wide strategy to counteract the diabetes pandemic.

The resolution hopes to improve the lives of the 32 million Europeans living with diabetes and those at risk.

Speakers, including Nicolai Wammen of the Danish presidency and MEPs Schaldemose, Busuttil and Ludford, were in agreement that more must be done to counteract the pandemic within each of the EU Member States.

“the diabetes time bomb has stopped ticking and exploded”

Busuttil commented that after two years of working in this area he was proud to be part of the Parliament’s hearing. EU Development Commissioner Piebalgs called for a “holistic approach” to the epidemic, involving all sectors and highlighted the importance of research.

MEP Ludford stated that “the diabetes time bomb has stopped ticking and exploded”. She pleaded for more attention to be paid to complications and the costly impact these have on healthcare systems. She also emphasised that the needs of 10-15% of the European population with type 1 diabetes should not be excluded from an EU-wide strategy.

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